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Haitian and Other Black Writers

1770-1814 1815-1830 1831-1848 1849-1900 Misc.
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1790: Julien Raimond

1793: Decree abolishing slavery in the North of Saint-Domingue - Original Haitian Creole text of the document by Sonthonax.

1793: Julien Raimond

1796: Lettre au directoire, Toussaint Louverture (4 Brumaire de l’an VI).

1804: Acte de l’indépendance, 1 janvier 1804 (Dessalines), à Gonaïves

1805: Constitution du 20 mai 1805

1805: Constitution of Haiti


1814: Henri Christophe

1814: Pompée-Valentin Vastey

1816: Pompée-Valentin Vastey

1817: Pompée-Valentin Vastey

  • Réflexions sur quelques ouvrages et journaux français conernant Hayti. 1817.

1818: Juste Chanlatte (1766-1828)

1819: Pompée-Valentin Vastey

  • An Essay on the Causes of the Revolution and Civil Wars in Hayti (1819). Transl W.H.M.B. Exeter, 1823.

1824: Juste Chanlatte

1825: Jean-Baptiste Romane

1827-1828: Published by Gragnon-Lacoste; attributed to Isaac Louverture as collaborator or author

1827-1860: Feuille du commerce, petites affiches et annonces du Port-au-Prince

1828: Excerpt from the Gazette des tribunaux


Coriolan Ardouin [1818-1835]

1837: Victor Séjour

  • "Le Mulâtre." Originally published in the Revue des colonies and reprinted in the Revue de Louisiane (1972). Translated in the Norton Anthology of African American Literature (1997).
  • Video version

1836-1837: Revue des colonies

1841: Pierre Faubert (1806-1868)

1841: S. Linstant

1845: "Lettre de Marie"

  • A letter to the queen by a slave named Marie published by Victor Schoelcher in Histoire de l'esclavage pendant les deux dernières années as part of his campaign for immediate emancipation of the slaves.

1845: Les Cenelles

Texts in French from Louisiana



1849: D. Poléma (négresse de Martinique)

  • "Appel à mes frères d'outremer" (Paris. 27 février 1849). This short document was written at the time of the emancipation of slaves in 1848. It appears to be a call to rally behind Schoelcher in the elections.

1853-1860: Beaubrun Ardouin

1855: Emile Nau

1859: Emeric Bergeaud

  • Stella; discussed at length by Léon-François Hoffman in Essays on Haitian Literature (1984).

1867: Haytian government

1885: Anténor Firmin

Toussaint Louverture


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