Francophone Slavery
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Historical, geographical, philosophical and literary treatment of slavery and France [in French].
Site of the official committe devoted to the recuperation of the history of slavery in France with a pedagogical perspective. See particularly their report to the Prime Minister [in French].
Site dedicated to the historical acknowledgement of slavery in France and to bring awareness to the issue in terms of the modern world [in French].

Chronology of slavery and links.
Extensive list of primary text documents, chronologies, accounts of colonialism in French schoolbooks, information about abolition in 1848 [in French].
A compilation of links on the history of slavery, organized by U.S. and World, with subheadings for "Academic Centers," "Documents, Narratives, Texts," and "Public History: Media, Museums and Sites"
Research site for Anne Girollet, Schoelcher specialist. Publications, links, documents, chronology [in French].
Essays written by students at the Univeresity of Miami.
Victor Schoelcher and abolition.. Essays, documents, music, art, recommended readings

This site describes a museum, La Maison de la négritude, inspired by an abolutionist document written in 1789 by the inhabitants of Champagney. The site provides that document and describes the museum, which features other documents, displays, objects, and information related to slavery [in French].
A variety of documents and photos related to the history of slavery in France.
Slave Trade Archives maintained by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
A more general historical and pedagogical resource on slavery that includes the history of French involvement in the slave trade.
Haiti's Super Web Directory: A wealth of varied information about Haiti in French, English, and Creole.
Information about Guadeloupe



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