Francophone Slavery
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  1. 19th Century French Texts
    a. Women Writers
    b. Poetry
    c. Other Texts
    d. Misc.

  2. Francophonie
    a. In the Time of the Revolution
    b. Images of Slavery
    c. Related Sites
    d. Texts
    e. Misc.

  3. Visuals
    a. Index of Artwork
    b. Before 1789
    c. 1790-1814
    d. 1815-1830
    e. 1831-1848
    f. 1849-1900
    g. Misc.

  4. Haitian & Other Black Writers
    a. 1770-1814
    b. 1815-1830
    c. 1831-1848
    d. 1849-1900
    e. Misc.
    f. Related Histories of Slavery


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