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The purpose of this website is to assemble resources related to slavery in the Francophone world from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Special attention is given to women writers whose antislavery writings in France are often overlooked and undervalued. It provides primary and secondary materials and a list of annotated related sites. In addition, it contains texts and pictures of Maryse Condé's In the Time of the Revolution, performed at the University of Georgia in 1997. It is an ongoing project; information from scholars, students, or general readers about other material would be most welcome. Contact Doris Y. Kadish (dkadish@uga.edu).

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My Trip to Gorée, May 2012

My Trip to the Christophe Statue, Savannah 2013
-Historical Background on the Christophe Statue

My Trip to Cuba, April 2014
-Historical Background on Cuba and Haiti
-What I Did and Didn't See
-My Photos

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